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Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance

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Board member Jacey


See why our Board Members support CCHA and its mission.

Jacey Hughes

My name is Jacey, I’m 27 years old and I was born with congenital heart disease (CHD), aortic stenosis, and had open heart surgery when I was seven years old. I was never scared or nervous of my heart disease as my parents and family brought me up with positivity and support in regards to my heart. When I was eight I started to play hockey, which led me to play up into competitive leagues as I loved the sport. I also played baseball and soccer throughout my high school years. I believe being as active as I was at a young age into my adult life saved my life, keeping my heart strong and has allowed me to live my life in a very positive way. 

I continue to be active and have the support and love of my family and partner in my CHD journey. I go yearly to my team of cardiologists for check ups. I wanted to join the CCHA as I am passionate about helping people and know my journey well coming from the IWK to the QEII in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My transition on the east coast was smooth and I understood the importance of each appointment and attendance. This was always made clear while growing up and I truly appreciate my parents for the amount of care and positivity they gave and continue to give to me. That is something I bring with me everywhere I go, to be an advocate for my own health.

Will you join us in supporting our mission to advocate for and enrich the lives of people living with CHD through awareness, education, research and support. Learn more https://www.cchaforlife.org/news/giving-tuesday-2020


Board member Anna

Anna Bailie


I was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect - a coarctation of the aorta - when I was 13. All of a sudden, a childhood during which I had found it hard to keep up with the other kids made a lot more sense.


Thanks to excellent surgeons, my defect was repaired. I have been followed since then by congenital heart clinics, first as a child and now an adult, to ensure my heart is functioning as best as possible. Ongoing, expert care from cardiologists has ensured I enjoy a full and healthy life.


Organizations like the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance are critical because of the advocacy they perform on behalf of the many Canadians who live with congenital heart disease (CHD); from their collaboration with researchers and cardiologists to their sharing of important information. For me, the information about pregnancy and CHD shared by the CCHA was extremely helpful when my husband and I were considering starting our family, and more recently, when I considered what COVID-19 means for me.


I am proud to be a Board Member of the CCHA and hope to help this organization do more for the 1 in 100 Canadians born with CHD.






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