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In February 2012 we emailed a survey out to all of our members, and posted it on our Facebook page. We were trying to get an idea of what type of care patients need to live long, healthy lives. We then sent out a follow-up survey to try to gather some more information.  

Attached please find the results. Many of the responses were considered "other" or were additional comments, and aren't reflected here.   Thank you to everyone who participated. The survey results were presented at the 22nd International Symposium on Adult Congenital Heart Disease in Toronto in May, 2012.  

PDF icon Download CCHA Feb 21 2012 Survey1.pdf (24.45 KB)

PDF icon Download CCHA Apr 06 2012 Survey2.pdf (28.8 KB)


To read an article based on the survey please click HERE.

Check out how congenital heart disease stacks up against better recognized diseases in Canada! So many affected and so little awareness and funding! Get involved with CCHA, donate, and spread the word about the growing population of of "survivors" so that we can get the care and support we need to live long, healthy lives!


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