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Beat Retreat returns to CCHA

Exciting announcement from CCHA and Beat Retreat

The Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance (CCHA) and The Beat Retreat Congenital Heart Camp are proud to announce that they have once again joined forces to support and deliver “The Beat Retreat” camp.

This fun-filled four day event for adults living with congenital heart disease (CHD) will return as a program under the Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance known as the “The Beat Retreat”.

With the Beat Retreat returning as a program of CCHA, it will ensure continued financial support for the camp, allowing for stable and long term growth.  “We are thrilled that the Beat Retreat will be returning to CCHA” says Toby Cox, co-founder of The Beat Retreat and program lead for the Ontario camp.   “It ensures longevity for the camp and a chance to expand across Canada so that adults living with CHD have an opportunity to connect, learn and enjoy the camp experience, something that many missed out on as kids.” 

“We are pleased to have the Beat Retreat camp return as a program under the umbrella of the CCHA” says Krista Vriend, President of the CCHA. “As the only national organization supporting both children and adults living with CHD, it is a natural fit for us.”

Since 2009, The Beat Retreat provides attendees with the opportunity to:

  • Meet and share experiences with others who have a similar heart history.
  • Connect with an established peer support network.
  • Participate in a wide range of activities geared to their physical abilities.
  • Learn skills needed to better manage their healthcare and cope with health-related challenges.

CCHA looks forward to continuing to provide programs that provide educational and support opportunities for Canadians living with CHD.

For more information, visit The Beat Retreat camp

CCHA is always looking for volunteers and financial supporters. If you would like to volunteer visit Volunteer with CCHA. If you would like to financially support CCHA and the Beat Retreat camp, visit Donate here

If you have any questions about this change or would like to become a camp sponsor, please contact:


*2020 Update:  Due to the current COVID-19 global pandemic and advice received from the medical community, camp with be online this year to ensure everyone's safety. 

While still in the planning stages, our goal is to serve up a virtual camp experience that includes many of the same fun-filled activities, social gatherings and learning opportunities as our traditional camp. Campfire online?


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