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Board of Directors - Positions available. Apply by October 25, 2017

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Board of Directors - Positions available

Interested in supporting children and adults with CHD across Canada, apply for a position on our Board of Directors

The Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance (CCHA) is looking for its next generation of leaders to fill critical volunteer positions on our national Board of Directors. This elected group supports the work of CCHA and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance.  We believe that a highly effective Board includes members from across Canada from many walks of life and that this diversity helps to best guide the overall strategic management and stewardship of the Foundation.  The CCHA’s Nominating Committee needs your help to identify Board candidates. We are looking for committed people who have the time, expertise and passion to share to serve our CCHA membership.

OUR MISSIONTo improve the quality of life and health outcomes for individuals with congenital heart defects: by raising awareness; providing peer support and mentoring; advocacy; and advancing research.

The Nominating Committee has identified the following as high-priority goals for recruitment:
As our Mission is to serve the entire Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Community, we strive for a Board that is diverse and includes those with:

  • Experience on a non-profit board
  • A business and/or philanthropy/fundraising/development background
  • Communications, media relations, social media, marketing and/or advertising experience
  • Legislative/public policy knowledge
  • A direct CHD link - possibly have CHD or have a family member with CHD
  • A professional background within the CHD Medical Community

Every elected Board Member should possess:

  • A passion for the CCHA Mission
  • A willingness to dedicate time and expertise
  • An understanding and ability to be a consensus builder
  • A commitment to engaging others

If you or someone you know can help influence the future of CCHA or have questions, please contact by October 25, 2017


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Check out how congenital heart disease stacks up against better recognized diseases in Canada! So many affected and so little awareness and funding! Get involved with CCHA, donate, and spread the word about the growing population of of "survivors" so that we can get the care and support we need to live long, healthy lives!


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