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The British Heart Foundation has released figures that reveal a huge 83% drop in the number of children dying from congenital heart disease. News story from Australia’s The Reporter:

FIXING a child’s heart is one the most intricate operations that the NHS performs.

Surgeons who do it must operate on tiny babies whose hearts are hardly bigger than walnuts and whose veins are little more than a hair’s breadth across.

But despite the intricacy, it is something that surgeons, and in particular NHS surgeons, have quietly been getting better at for decades.

Today the British Heart Foundation has...

March 7, 2013

Boston, MA - The annual number of hospitalizations for congenital heart disease among US adults increased more rapidly than hospitalizations among children over a recent 12-year period, new research shows [1]. Between 1998 and 2010, the frequency of hospitalizations among adults admitted for congenital defects has grown twice as fast as that for children, according to the new report.

As a result, annual adult admissions are approaching those of children, with adults now accounting for 36.5% of all congenital heart defect admissions. “The observed trend is likely due to a number...


The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABS) announced the creation of physician certification in ACHD on December 5, 2012. The announcement of an ACHD subspecialty certification in the US nails ACHD down as an equal partner among other subspecialties. This decision is a landmark and a milestone in the young history of ACHD and transitions ACHD into a new era!

This announcement is available at http://www.cardiosource.org/News-Media/Publications/Cardiology-Magazine/...

This new ACHD subspecialty acknowledges efforts from multi-society stakeholders including...

This article was posted on the theheart.org website on December 4, 2012.

Cincinnati, OH – Children and adolescents with pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs)—and their parents—suffer from a poorer quality of life than both healthy children and patients with mild forms of congenital heart disease, a new study reveals [1]. Whether lives could be improved with the use of psychotherapy needs to be assessed in this population, say Dr Richard J Czosek (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, OH) and colleagues in their paper published online December 4, 2012 in...

Issue No. 1 | December 2014

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